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HHOC Housing and Land Trust (HHLT)

Hawaii HomeOwnership Center (HHOC) has an exciting announcement to share with you.

We have created another non-profit organization, HHOC Housing and Land Trust (HHLT) which has a mission to create and preserve affordable homes.  It’s first condominium unit will be for sale soon at a below market price so we wanted to share the opportunity with all of you – here’s an overview of the terms, benefits, and things to know about this program to decide if it is something you want to consider:

The HHLT wants offer homes at below market prices and intends to resell them at below market prices – fulfilling the hope that an affordable unit will always remain affordable, providing an opportunity for the buyer seeking a stable home situation with a fixed housing payment (principal & interest), and also providing a buyer an opportunity to save on their housing costs.

  • A HHLT home is intended for a buyer who is looking for a stable place to live and locking their principal and interest payments.
    • The HHLT will always have the first option to buy the property when the owner plans to sell it.  Most times the repurchase price will be calculated at a formula versus the market – so it can remain as an affordable unit for the next buyer.  This HHLT buy-back option does not have an expiration date – however it may wave its option to repurchase the home.  In that case, the home can be sold on the open market but the subsidy received when the home was purchased at a below market price and a proportionate share of the appreciation will need to be repaid to HHLT.
    • A buyer with intentions of leveraging their home for investment purposes (equity gain) versus home stability may decide this is not the appropriate purchase option for them.
  • Completion of homebuyer education and a coaching session with a HHOC staff will be required for the buyer of this unit.
  • HHLT homes will be focused on Oahu during the beginning stages of the program and those who are 120% or below the Area Median Income are eligible.  The income of all household members 18+  years of age are included in the AMI calculation regardless of their age or if they are a borrower.  The current AMI limits are provided below. 
Maximum income per family size based on 120% AMI*






The purchase packet provides additional details about the program.
>>> Downlod PDF

Follow up questions will only be accepted by email to reina@hihomeownership.org - questions will be compiled and aggregated responses provided every few days.  Those who sign up for the interest list will receive notifications of purchase opportunities as they come available too.

Press Release

• First Home Sold
• August 15, 2019

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