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A Success Story

Sharon Fung
Sharon is one of the first members of the Hawai`i HomeOwnership Center, and the first person to complete our entire program and purchase a home. She is a single mom who wants to make a better life for herself and her two children. Her biggest concerns were her low income and the fact that she is not a US citizen. She didn’t think she would be able to qualify for enough of a mortgage to buy a decent property in a safe area. She wasn’t even sure if she would be able to get a mortgage at all because of her immigrant status.

Still, Sharon isn’t the type of person to give up. Like all mothers her biggest concern is building a brighter future for her children. That is why she moved to the United States in the first place. She came to the Hawai`i HomeOwnership Center to find out if purchasing a home was even a possibility for her. At best she thought it would take several years for her to prepare, if it could be done at all.

Sharon completed the Homebuyer’s Education classes to gain the tools she needed to reach her goal and she worked with her counselor to enroll in a down payment assistance program. She worked very hard to apply what she had learned and budgeted carefully to build her savings for both the upfront cash needed to buy a home and to make sure she had enough reserves in case of an emergency.

Sharon now owns a townhouse in a good neighborhood that was conveniently close to her job, and she was able to do it in less than 5 months from start to finish.

April 28, 2004

A belated note to say thank you very much for all your support to make my dream come true.

I was so glad that I made the right decision to join the Center and be educated before making the steps in purchasing a home. Not least, along the way of closing and financing, your support and dedication were beyond my gratitude. Thank you also for the wonderful gift for our new home.

I was so lucky to be one of the first successors in getting a home through the help of the Center and I have no hesitation in recommending any first time homebuyers to seek help from the Center.

Keep up the good work and may I wish you and the Center the very best in the future.

Kwai-Lin Sharon Fung

Lance Grolla

Dear HHOC staff,

It all began with your 11/4 article in the Sunday “Island Homes” edition of the Star Bulletin. The article was so hopeful: folks without much money could actually own a home.

Then came your classes, which were inspirational. From hope to inspiration in 30 days, that’s pretty good. It was the best $120.00 I’ve spent in a long time.

Inspirational information backed up with practice, advice and year round counseling – what a bargain you are!

I spent the day going over your class material, making copies of your budget format and checklists. As a person who has prepared many memorandums and reports, I was really impressed at the high quality of your material: clear writing, organized, useful graphics, indexed and printed on sturdy, long lasting stock.

And… you’re all so cheerful, attentive, helpful. Thanks for being there,

Lance Grolla

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